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Sermons on “Matthew”

Task and Relationship – 9/18/2016

God is not with us because we deserve it; but because He WANTS to be with us.

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Disciples – 9/11/2016

All can be a disciple because it is NOT our good deeds that save us, but ONLY Jesus; His salvation inspires our best efforts in our apprenticeship.

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Missions – 9/3/2016

No matter who you are, if you have Christ, you have His power available to you for His purpose – so you have what it takes.

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Matthew 26-28 – 8/28/2016

God doesn’t NEED you, but He wants you to experience life to full – and faithfulness is where that is at. You’ll find your role as you lose your life. And in the gospel, you’ll find all the motivation you need for faithful life service

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Go To Galilee – 8/21/2016

“Go to Galilee (be faithful in your everyday life) – there you will see him – when you see Him, you will worship”

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